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Contract Pilot Services for Challenger Jets


When  you need a qualified and experienced Challenger Jet pilot for the  Challenger 600, 601, 604 or 605 we are the ones to call. We specialize  in providing high time, accident free, competent and highly-skilled  Challenger pilots for aircraft owners, aircraft operators and aircraft  sales organizations. We have extensive international experience. Our  Challenger pilots are available by the day, week or month anywhere in  the world. We can fulfill your needs and meet your schedule.

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10 Reasons Why To Use Our Services


Where  do you turn when you have a flight scheduling problem on your  Challenger Jet? Or when you need to fly to a new international  destination? We are your solution for sudden schedule changes, trips  requiring international experience, unforeseen illness with your flight  crew and many other common and uncommon occurences. Learn more about how  Meridian South Aviation can help you.

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