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10 ReasonS Why

Attention Challenger Jet Owners, Operators and Aircraft Brokers

Please call us if you ever need to go somewhere and you need a Challenger Jet pilot for any of the following reasons:

  1.  One of your pilots is on vacation

  2.  One or both of your pilots is away for recurrent training

  3.  One of your pilots is ill or injured and unable to fly

  4.  You need a second crew because you have a trip that requires you to keep on going beyond duty time

  5.  You have an international trip and need a pilot with global experience

  6.  You have recently acquired a Challenger Jet and need assistance with crew familiarization

  7.  You need to move an aircraft

  8.  You need to demonstrate an aircraft

  9.  You need to test an aircraft

10.  You are having outside work done on your Challenger Jet, whether it is  engines, mechanical work, avionics, paint or interior refurbishment  work, and you need a knowledgeable person who is familiar with the  aircraft on the scene as your representative

If you contemplate any of the above situations please give us a call.

We  specialize in providing high time, accident  free, competent and highly  skilled Challenger pilots for aircraft owners, aircraft operators and  aircraft sales organizations.

Our Challenger pilots are available by the day, week or month anywhere in the world. 

We can fulfill your needs and meet your schedule.


Call us at (727) 536-5387 with any questions you may have.
You can also e-mail us at